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Friday, October 24, 2008

Warning Blog Contains

I like Live Journal because I can write about stuff that would normally offend my blog readers but, since I am starting new I will be posting my more 'shocking' thoughts here.

Anal Ease is a anal lubricant that has low doses of a numbing substance. Great product for those of you who are into that (wink, wink). Just so you know, nursing students are not shy and tend to talk about strange things on a daily basis in our normal every day conversations. During one of our random conversations one of the girls at school said that this is a great product for babies who are teething. In all honesty, I was actually amazed at the genius of this.

Sadly my enthusiasm for this inventive use of Anal Ease dwindled as I pondered more about the product. In order for her to try such a thing leads me to believe she may have had this Anal Ease already purchased and may have actually used it for its intended use before trying it out on her infants gums. WTF!?

Is that sanitary?

P.S. Due to my curiosity on the subject I admit that I researched the product. Here is what I found on it: Click here for description of product (don't worry it's not a porn site). Now my mind is swimming with the wonderment of it being cherry flavored.

Cherry flavored anal lube...It boggles my mind.

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