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Lima Bean

Monday, April 11, 2011

Maternity Chic

FINALLY! There are some cute things at Old Navy for Spring/Summer. 

What do you think!?!?!?

Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day today! I woke up to sunshine. It feels great. I love Spring days. Spring makes me feel strong, vibrant, and in control. It's time to get ready for the baby, decorate my house, and just enjoy sunny days.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I finally have the urge to sew again. It's been a while but I am so excited to get started again.

These swatches will be either framed or stapled onto different sizes of canvas to place above our bed so that it gives the illusion of a headboard. I think if I frame them I will use white frames. Thoughts?

These are for the baby! I think the Aqua owls will be best for a blanket and the gray owls will be made into bibs. :)

Yay for projects! I am so excited! I have been in a crafting funk lately. I guess the crafting funk was good because it allowed me to start my yard for the season.

My Sanctuary

April showers bring May flowers. Well that is all well and good but in my yard March snow storms bring April beauty! If you don't believe me look for yourself!

This is Yoshi. We named him that due to being a flowering Japanese something. Not sure what his real name is but he is Yoshi and his brother in the corner is Mr. Robot-o. Notice the buds!!! He's getting fancy!
This is a Lilly I planted last year. I was so worried it wouldn't come back but here it is. It's hanging out with a couple Crocuses and tulips.
I have no idea what this is. It comes back every year even though we have hacked and hacked at it. We have sprayed it and it still comes back. If it is that determined we decided (and there isn't much we can do at this point) to keep it. It has yellow spongy flowers come late Spring early Summer.
Say hello to Mona Lisa. Yes, that is it's name. There are multiple types of them. This is just the yellow one. I bought purple, faded pink and white, white, red, and light purple.
This will be a orange Tulip. If you look down inside of it there is a bud! YAY!
More Mona Lisa's.

This lovely mix will greet you at our front door! Some come on over and bask in the beauty of the Robinson yard.

I also planted snap dragons, poppies, and pansies yesterday. I'll take more pictures as they flower. Steven mowed the lawn and fertilized and I planted flowers and baptized them in Miracle Grow. I also picked out all the pesky weeds that just won't go away.

When do you start weeding and planting flowers? I like to start early with Spring flowers that will come back the next year. I only enjoy them for a short time but next Spring the yard will be more vibrant than it was this year. I buy summer plants around Mothers Day. After Mothers Day I just prune and play.

What are your gardening rituals?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunny Southern Utah

It is no secret that Steven and I have a 3 year plan. To have school loans paid and done with (or at least close) and to move or buy a vacation home in St. George. We love it there. It would be the perfect environment to raise our child (and future kidlets).

Things we love about it:

*The Warmth-some would say it is unbearable but I LOVE it.
*Golfing- there are great courses there and close by in Mesquite Nevada
*Sand Hollow- perfect for our 4 wheeling adventures and since there is a lake there you can always cool off!
*Canyons- Zions and Snow Canyon are so close. You could hike daily if you wanted. Or bike.
*Lack of snow-This year they received a few inches but that is very uncommon.
*Nevada- Mesquite and Las Vegas are not far.
*California-LA is about 4 hours from Vegas.
*Squid- he could sun bathe his little heart out!
*Gardening- the gardening season is much longer there. I could have fresh tomatoes much longer than I have here!

Southern Utah really is our perfect place. Here are some pictures from our trip this weekend. It was a blast!

 Seriously! 66F at 0930!
 The arcade in Mesquite Nevada.
 My super swollen feet caused by 90F weather.
 These nests are all over the place. This was one of many nests we found in this bush while we were hiking.
 Beautiful snow canyon.

Snow canyon before the sun went down.

Monday, April 4, 2011

145 Days Left

I am so excited for the baby to arrive! 145 more days! Yikes! So with a baby due date (August 27th) comes a giant To Do list. We have so much to do!

-Build Crib, changing table, and dresser
-Buy baskets for changing table
-Buy a shelf for the baby room
-Hang the hooks up in the guest bath (if we just do this then the guest bath would be DONE)
-Buy a comforter set for our room
-Find cute sheet for baby
-Shampoo carpet (we are going to finish the RV pad this year and just do hard wood next year)
-Buy a vacuum that works.
-Plant a garden
-Hang the mirrors
-Finish the sitting room
-Buy and put away all Christmas presents so it's done

The list goes on and on. Did you have this many lists when you were preparing for baby? Am I overly 'nesting'?

Does anyone else love fresh raspberries and dill pickles? Oh just me...?