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Lima Bean

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I finally have the urge to sew again. It's been a while but I am so excited to get started again.

These swatches will be either framed or stapled onto different sizes of canvas to place above our bed so that it gives the illusion of a headboard. I think if I frame them I will use white frames. Thoughts?

These are for the baby! I think the Aqua owls will be best for a blanket and the gray owls will be made into bibs. :)

Yay for projects! I am so excited! I have been in a crafting funk lately. I guess the crafting funk was good because it allowed me to start my yard for the season.

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Emily said...

If you make bibs, buy some vinyl to back a few of them! Babies drool like the best of them, and I loved the waterproof ones. One side is soft and good for wiping but the back is impenetrable! muahahah. :) GOod idea to make bibs.