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Lima Bean

Monday, April 4, 2011

145 Days Left

I am so excited for the baby to arrive! 145 more days! Yikes! So with a baby due date (August 27th) comes a giant To Do list. We have so much to do!

-Build Crib, changing table, and dresser
-Buy baskets for changing table
-Buy a shelf for the baby room
-Hang the hooks up in the guest bath (if we just do this then the guest bath would be DONE)
-Buy a comforter set for our room
-Find cute sheet for baby
-Shampoo carpet (we are going to finish the RV pad this year and just do hard wood next year)
-Buy a vacuum that works.
-Plant a garden
-Hang the mirrors
-Finish the sitting room
-Buy and put away all Christmas presents so it's done

The list goes on and on. Did you have this many lists when you were preparing for baby? Am I overly 'nesting'?

Does anyone else love fresh raspberries and dill pickles? Oh just me...?


Stephanie said...

So exciting! You are going to be totally prepared for this baby, I can tell. :) So you like dill pickles and raspberries together? Is that a pregnancy craving? lol

cAsSy said...

The cravings are not together at all. They are separate.

I am trying to be prepared. We are putting the crib, dresser, and changing table together this weekend then I can start decorating. :)

Melissa said...

I hate the list. It seems to never end.

cAsSy said...

The list was just had a few more things added to it. I bet it is even harder to get stuff done when you have a toddler around. They just want mom so much!