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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

7 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by my friend Chelsea. Since I am a random person this should be easy.

1- I love my Sentsy. I buy a new sent every month. I like fruity smells best. Right now I am totally addicted to Grapefruit Pomegranate. It is the best you should try it.

2- Steven and I don't think any other couples love each other like we do. We think we have a rare semi-old fashioned relationship. No one will ever know the amount of love we have for each other. Even if you think your relationship is the most amazing and you love each other more than Steven and I do .... well your wrong. I have told you before...I am living my very own fairytale. It is okay to be jealous.

3- I love lima beans, beets, and chick peas (garbanzo beans). I can open a can of chick peas and beats and have them gone in an instant. I think I like lima beans because my dad does. When we were kids we ate din din together every night and we always had a veggie. My dad would always comment on how much he liked lima beans and I think that is stuck in my brain. I also enjoyed eating them in front of my brother to gross him out. He hated anything green.

4- I love watching movies but I hate the movie theater. I usually get in arguments with people sitting behind me. I hate ice chewers, open mouth popcorn eaters (although I am guilty of this when I am in the comfort of my own home) and the seat kickers make me want to kick them in the jaw. Peter Pan, The Littler Mermaid, and Pride and Prejudice are my all time favorite movies and I at least one of the three every week.

5- I have never cried as hard as I did when my cat died. Mock me if you will but that just makes you a cruel heartless human being and you do not deserve to be my friend. Ever since she passed when someone dies I think about her. I feel more sorry for myself than I do for the person that lost someone. It is very sad for them but I am more sad for me. I wake up in the middle of the night crying because I thought I felt her at the end of the bed. When it is really windy outside I think I can hear her scratching on the door like she used to. Not having her in my life makes me feel somewhat incomplete and I am so thankful for my wonderful husband because he is so accepting and understanding of it all. She was there for me through things I'd rather not mention but without her during those rough times I wouldn't be who I am today. This may sound ridiculous to you but this is how I feel and you don't need to understand it.

6- I have not plucked or waxed my eyebrows since well before Thanksgiving. I could wax the floor with these puppies. I have been meaning to get them waxed but just never find the time. I'll find the time soon I promise.

7- I want a greenhouse. I want to be able to have fresh home-grown veggies in the dead of winter. My goal is to get one when we buy a house. I found some kits for small ones at Home Depot for a decent price so this is very do-able. I also want a fountain machine when we buy a house. You can get the stuff for them at Costco and Home Depot carries the actual machine. Awesome eh?

I tag: Brit, Emily, Tristyn, Jamie, Jen, and Ashley. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cute Things

The dish that started the Flour De Lis obsession.

Front door eye candy....

Back door festiveness. This doormat is the perfect accessory to the tiki torches.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is my antique Samsonite Steven brought home for me. Isn't it cute? It smells like pot but the more of Steven's cologne I spray in it the less it stinks. In time the smell should go away completely. So what do you think?

My Green Thumb is Glowing

I love to garden. The main reason we are living in a old run down duplex versus a new pretty apartment is because we wanted a yard. Steven wanted to be able to chill in the back yard with tiki torches and our fire pit and I wanted to be able to grow a garden. Here are some things I want to grow this year:

Red and Green Jalapeno's

Lemon Cucumbers

Heirloom Tomatoes

Yellow Tomatoes


Yellow Squash

Bell Peppers

Yellow Wax Beans


I don't have much room so this is all I know that will fit. I have a lot of big pots that will fit peppers.

We have wild mint growing in our back yard. I have some recipes for mint so that will come in handy this summer. What other herbs should I grow? I love chives but other than that I don't know....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Friday

My Friday will be spent here. No not as a patient but as a .... are you ready for this? ... NURSE! Please be envious and enjoy your boring Friday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Items I Can't Live Without

I cannot live without my totally awesome husband. He rocks!

Aim Toothpaste. For the longest time I have gone without and used stuff Steven likes, but for Christmas I bought him his fave (and my least fave cinnamon) toothpaste so I could have Aim. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

Of course Diet Coke would be on this list. DUH!

I like apples but that isn't why I found this picture. It is because I love the color Green. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

When we went to Kentucky our friends bought us a gift. It is a Flour De Lis platter. I bought a stand to put it on and I love it. My goal is to get a new Flour De Lis item every time we go back to KY. I just hope we go a lot so I can get the whole set (over 100 peices). Next time we go I think I'll try and get the bowls.

So these next 2 items are things I hope to get this summer. Not only are four leaf clovers gorgeous but they bring good luck and for someone as superstitious as me they are a beautiful must have.

Growing up in California we had Poppy's grow wild in our backyard. I would grab a tangeriine off the tree and head back to the wood pile with my dog. I would pick a few poppy's while he hunted for lizards. They are so pretty but they also remind me of my childhood. It's always nice to have things that bring back fun memories in your home.
Who wouldn't want these in their home?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Through it all I still believed in you. It is going to be hard to trust our new president, but I trusted you. Thank you for your hard work. You did a great job.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Night

I hate Diet Coke in a can but I will drink one if that is my only option.
We live less than 3 minutes away from a 7-11 so It is easy for me to get a fresh fountain DC. I keep my cup so I don't have to pay the whole drink price. I have all the cup sizes, so depending on my mood I can get the drink that best fits that moment. If it's midterms/finals I get the Big Ass Gulp, and I may go back a few times that night/week. Tonight I feel like a Medium would be appropriate.

I hope my friend with the mullet is working tonight. He gives me 10% off of the refill price. I may name my first born after him. Mullet Guy Robinson...sounds better when you say it after a fresh sip from your 7-11 Diet Coke.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Night Kisses

A night does not go by without a kiss good night from my best friend. When we were engaged I moved into my sister-in-laws old room. I got a job in Sandy so it was easier moving in than commuting every night back to Ogden. So every night I would get a good night kiss right before we went to bed. After I moved in, our wedding, and up till a few days ago I would get a good night kiss. The storms were so bad a couple weeks ago that Steven had to stay at his parents in South Jordan. We talked while we got ready for bed (thanks to cellular speakerphones ☺). Then it was time for our good night kiss. Needless to say, I didn’t get one. If you know me at all I am a total baby when It comes to things like this. That little good night kiss that so many take for granted means so much to me. It makes me feel safe, loved, and important. That kiss is a great comfort to me. So this also goes without saying but I bawled myself to sleep watching The Little Mermaid.

In the morning when Steven leaves for work he kisses me good bye. He kisses me hugs me and then kisses me again. As he walks out I yell, “Be careful” “I love you” and “have a good day”. I am extremely superstitious and when he stayed at his parents I didn’t get to do this ‘ritual’ of mine. I was totally freaked out and I barely slept. It was miserable.

We are the ‘always together’ couple. We have never been ‘the on-again/off-again’ couple. We rarely fight and we never yell. We talk multiple times during the day and we never run out of things to say to each other. We are so much alike but also so different. He is my everything.

For those of you who thought we were ‘gross in love’ sorry but I really do live in my own fairytale.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Book Friday

I am reading this book as a requirement for class. I thought it was going to be really DULL but after reading my first 10 pages in the lobby at my GYNO I am hooked! I have yet to distinguish whether or not it is so good because of the lack of enjoyment I feel at the GYNO or it is from actual interest. I'll let you know how I feel about it in a few more days. I have to read through to chapter 6 so I should know by then if it is ACTUALLY good.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wishful Wednesday


As you can see it's a doormat. I love this one. I found it on amazon. It's 19.99 plus shipping so I will be hunting for one closer to home before I purchase it. I think Tj Max and Ross should have one that I would like just as much. If I can't find one then I will be buying this one soon. Our carpet needs us to wipe our feet at the door. I NEED people to wipe before entering too. It would save me a lot of work.

So now I have to ask. I ask people to take their shoes off at our door. Is that rude? I have a basket right inside the door where they can chill so they don't have to sit in the cold. Let me know what you think. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ipod Tuesday

So for a Tuesday gift to all of you I thought I would share this website. It's a great place to update your music collection. The albums only cost $2 and if you sign up you get $10 free! That is 5 free albums. Total awesomeness eh?

So go here: http://www.mp3panda.com/index/

Your ipod will never be the same! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Orem Walmart Review

I give them negative 2 stars. Holy HELL, what a death trap. I am shocked I made it out alive. Okay that is a exaggeration but I am lucky I got out of there without handcuffs and someone reading me my rights. No that is not and exaggeration.

The story:
Steven and I have been battling a really crappy cold, so on my better day I decided to do some much needed shopping. I needed school and grocery things so I went to Walmart. I left Steven at home to rest and hopefully take a NyQuil nap while I was gone. Picture this: I was walking down the pop tart/cereal isle and stop due to congestion in the isle. (if you have ever been to the Orem Walmart you know how retarded and freaking ignorant people are when they are driving carts. they stop right in front of you and won't move for ever and next thing you know your trapped) So I am standing there waiting for my chance to grab a few boxes of Pop tarts and zip out of there a fat blond demon in a child suit comes up to my cart with a evil look on his face. He grabs the opposite end of my cart, pulls it back and WHAM right into my stomach. I could have killed the little shit. I was wearing a hoodie and had my favorite sunglasses in my pocket. Knocked a lens out and snapped them in half. Seriously could have killed him. So here I am in physical pain and mourning the loss of my sunglasses staring that evil ignorant blond demon in the eye when I say in the scariest voice ever (didn't know I had it in me) "WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER!" The evil demon child turns around and points. I walk up to here and just start yelling: "I SHOULD SUE YOU FOR PHYSICAL PAIN AND DAMAGE BECAUSE YOUR CHILD IS A IGNORANT LITTLE SHIT!"

I can't believe I did it. I feel kinda bad because the woman went pale white but she needed to know her kid was a LITTLE SHIT!

Learn from my story, AVOID THE OREM WALMART.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Annual Rock Eve

It was a blast. I can't believe the amount of fun we had or the amount of soda and pizza we consumed.

Here is Tawnasty. She is the FREAK NASTY of vocals.

D-Bo sacrificed his thumb for THE YONKERS. He is a true bad ass.

Miss Kristie
. Even her fetus is a ROCK STAR.

Radical Steve
, now this guy can rock. He is the glue that holds THE YONKERS together. He is total hard core. Tats and Mohawk. So sexy.

We wouldn't be anywhere without our GROUPIES. Love them.

And here we are. My fabulous tutu was made by me and I rocked it like I did the guitar. I don't go anywhere without my eye candy. Feast your eyes on Sexy Steve. Jealous ladies?

May I introduce you to THE YONKERS, where BAD ASS meets FABULOSITY.