What Are We Having??

Lima Bean

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Annual Rock Eve

It was a blast. I can't believe the amount of fun we had or the amount of soda and pizza we consumed.

Here is Tawnasty. She is the FREAK NASTY of vocals.

D-Bo sacrificed his thumb for THE YONKERS. He is a true bad ass.

Miss Kristie
. Even her fetus is a ROCK STAR.

Radical Steve
, now this guy can rock. He is the glue that holds THE YONKERS together. He is total hard core. Tats and Mohawk. So sexy.

We wouldn't be anywhere without our GROUPIES. Love them.

And here we are. My fabulous tutu was made by me and I rocked it like I did the guitar. I don't go anywhere without my eye candy. Feast your eyes on Sexy Steve. Jealous ladies?

May I introduce you to THE YONKERS, where BAD ASS meets FABULOSITY.