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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Orem Walmart Review

I give them negative 2 stars. Holy HELL, what a death trap. I am shocked I made it out alive. Okay that is a exaggeration but I am lucky I got out of there without handcuffs and someone reading me my rights. No that is not and exaggeration.

The story:
Steven and I have been battling a really crappy cold, so on my better day I decided to do some much needed shopping. I needed school and grocery things so I went to Walmart. I left Steven at home to rest and hopefully take a NyQuil nap while I was gone. Picture this: I was walking down the pop tart/cereal isle and stop due to congestion in the isle. (if you have ever been to the Orem Walmart you know how retarded and freaking ignorant people are when they are driving carts. they stop right in front of you and won't move for ever and next thing you know your trapped) So I am standing there waiting for my chance to grab a few boxes of Pop tarts and zip out of there a fat blond demon in a child suit comes up to my cart with a evil look on his face. He grabs the opposite end of my cart, pulls it back and WHAM right into my stomach. I could have killed the little shit. I was wearing a hoodie and had my favorite sunglasses in my pocket. Knocked a lens out and snapped them in half. Seriously could have killed him. So here I am in physical pain and mourning the loss of my sunglasses staring that evil ignorant blond demon in the eye when I say in the scariest voice ever (didn't know I had it in me) "WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER!" The evil demon child turns around and points. I walk up to here and just start yelling: "I SHOULD SUE YOU FOR PHYSICAL PAIN AND DAMAGE BECAUSE YOUR CHILD IS A IGNORANT LITTLE SHIT!"

I can't believe I did it. I feel kinda bad because the woman went pale white but she needed to know her kid was a LITTLE SHIT!

Learn from my story, AVOID THE OREM WALMART.


Ashley said...

hahahahah!!!! Oh my gosh! Was his mom even able to respond??

Cassanduh :) said...

Nope. I didn't give her a chance. By the look on her face I don't think she could have spoke even if she wanted to.

Jamie and Thayne Waters said...

I refuse to shop at wal-mart for this exact reason. I go to albertsons or safeway and I don't get run over by carts nearly as often (YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!)

Cassanduh :) said...

I wish we had Safeway. We did in Ca. and I loved it. Target isn't bad either. Walmart is just so close that it's hard not to go there.