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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Double Invite

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Do you know what the double invite is? I know it all too well unfortunately. It is when you invite people to hang out and then they invite people as well. They usually invite people you don't know at all or maybe you do know them but didn't want them to come. It is a sticky situation. It can be awkward and sometimes gets feisty.

I admit this is the biggest pet peeve I have. I think it is rude. I bring this up because one of our friends was a victim of the double invite and it ruined their friendship. I personally think it is disrespectful. Are the initial invitees not good enough that they need to bring a posy with them? If that is the case then don't bother going at all. Make and excuse not to show up and save everyone from this uncomfortable situation.

So have you ever been guilty of the double invite? Have you ever been plagued with this situation? What was it like? Did you ruffle feathers or even ruin a friendship? Do you think this is totally acceptable or is it uncalled for?


Daddy Jones said...

I know what you mean. I do not mind as much should the original invitee asks the inviter if the addition invite be made. I will however say that it is tactless behavior should the "Double Invite" be a surprise to the inviter. Do you follow?

Cassanduh :) said...

It should not be a surprise because they should have asked like (I think you said) above. I have double invited once but we asked hours before if it was alright and it was special circumstances.

Daddy Jones said...
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Daddy Jones said...

I was trying to say that it is not okay to have a double invite that is a surprise. One where they show up and the exchange at the door is "Oh, I brought (insert name)". But, I feel that in the event that one should ask if it is okay if another guest comes, and the host gives the okay (fully knowing what is going on) it is okay.