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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Shopping

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I am almost done shopping. I have everything for Steven and all I have left is my Grandma and Grandpa and Steven's dad. When I shop I try to make gifts meaningful. I try really hard not to buy the pre-made Walmart gifts that they put out after Thanksgiving. I like to put things together that the person I am shopping for will love and will know I really put thought and care into what I am getting them. I wish I could put a list up of what I have bought for everyone but that would spoil the surprise. I will say that Josh and Veronica, I got you something you will enjoy and have fun with, it may be simple but I know you will put it to use and have fun. Steven's gifts are all things he needed but also wanted. This is a hard combination to put together. With help from Mad Max and my friends boyfriend Aaron, this Christmas just might be the best one yet. Dad's gift has to do with how quirky and weird he can be, so I know he will LOVE it. I hope the rest of you are having fun shopping and enjoy it. Christmas shopping can be often confused as a chore but when so much thought and love is put into it shopping can be the funnest part of the gifting process.

I can't wait to see Steven's face when he opens his presents. He is going to be floored! I hope you all have a great experience and you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

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