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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunny Southern Utah

It is no secret that Steven and I have a 3 year plan. To have school loans paid and done with (or at least close) and to move or buy a vacation home in St. George. We love it there. It would be the perfect environment to raise our child (and future kidlets).

Things we love about it:

*The Warmth-some would say it is unbearable but I LOVE it.
*Golfing- there are great courses there and close by in Mesquite Nevada
*Sand Hollow- perfect for our 4 wheeling adventures and since there is a lake there you can always cool off!
*Canyons- Zions and Snow Canyon are so close. You could hike daily if you wanted. Or bike.
*Lack of snow-This year they received a few inches but that is very uncommon.
*Nevada- Mesquite and Las Vegas are not far.
*California-LA is about 4 hours from Vegas.
*Squid- he could sun bathe his little heart out!
*Gardening- the gardening season is much longer there. I could have fresh tomatoes much longer than I have here!

Southern Utah really is our perfect place. Here are some pictures from our trip this weekend. It was a blast!

 Seriously! 66F at 0930!
 The arcade in Mesquite Nevada.
 My super swollen feet caused by 90F weather.
 These nests are all over the place. This was one of many nests we found in this bush while we were hiking.
 Beautiful snow canyon.

Snow canyon before the sun went down.


Stephanie said...

My friend just moved there. She LOVES it. By the end of January, I always feel like I would like to move somewhere warm too. Then April comes and I'm over it. :) What kind of nest was that? It looks very scary.

cAsSy said...

I would more there in a second! The nest is some kind of worm. I have no idea if they stay worms or if they eat whatever first started in the nest. They are just NASTY!

Veronica Cleverly said...

Those feet remind me of something...what could it be?