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Lima Bean

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving Sucks

Yes we are moving again. This is the 3rd move in 3 years. Not only will it be our 3rd but we will be moving a 4th time and it will still be inside of 3 years. YUCK!

So here is the story....We moved to Provo so I could go to Nursing School. Since I am done (graduated) we are getting the H-E-double hockey stick out of here. So we got approved to buy a house and found a house we really like. So what did we do? We put an offer on it! YAY! Yeah not as exciting as you would think. Buying a house is a lot of nail biting and waiting. I hate it. So while we wait to hear back on the house we are moving into the in-laws basement. Steven works in Sandy and has been commuting from Provo for 2 years now. I got a job in West Jordan and the drive from Provo really sucks so this is our only option.

Luckily my in-laws rock. So that is my sob story I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like further detail on the house let me know. I really don't want to say too much though because we don't know if we got it yet and who knows how long that could take. :(


Tonic said...

Hey that is way cool. Maybe we can hang out, we have some awesome baby sitters that live around the block :)

The Robisons said...

Your in-laws do ROCK!

Ashley said...

That is awesome! Well that you are in the process of buying a house, not so much the whole moving twice and waiting part. I would love to hear about the house and see pictures. And of course update us with your new address once everything is final. I hope this place has a big yard for a fabulous garden for you and I am sure you will have lots of fun decorating it too! I am excited for you two!

sAsSy CaSsY said...

It is exciting and scary all at the same time. We have no idea what is happening at this point. I hate being in limbo. I wish you could just say 'yep this one please' and then they slap a bow on the garage door and then you can call it your own. But of course not...It sucks. You have to wait and and live in limbo.

As soon as we know anything I'll post something. Keep the happy thoughts coming our way!