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Lima Bean

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Changes

I woke up really groggy and lazy. I really didn't want to work out this morning. My neck is sore and my feet hurt from all the walking/standing I do at work all day. I ignored my body and started putting on my work out gear. *WARNING: this may be TMI ---> I caught a glimpse of myself in my sports bra and undies and was shocked! A good shocked. My belly sticks out less than it has in a long time. My calves looked good too. I can see some definition in my legs finally. I haven't had definition in my thighs since high school. Now don't think I have major definition but there is a little there. Not as much as I would like but it is there!  I liked seeing myself half naked today because it is the best my body has looked in a long time. So with that motivation I climbed on the bike for 30 minutes of hard riding. It payed off! 15.3 miles and 651 calories later and I feel great! I'm glad I got out of my funk this morning. I am really glad I opened my eyes enough to look in the mirror. 

When was the last time you felt good about your body? When was the last time you actually wanted to work out? When was the last time you remained motivated long enough to see the benefits?


Stephanie said...

Good for you, Cassie! That's the best feeling, that you're making progress, isn't it? I like the new look of the blog too.

Lauren & Spencer said...

That's great that you're feeling so motivated and happy with your body Cassie! Keep up the good work! :)

CaSsAnDuH said...

Thanks ladies! I feel great! Seeing results is the best. Stepping on the scale is pretty great too when you finally drop weight. It's such a relief to see all your hard work pay off!

Amber said...

hooray! it's so hard to get motivated to work out...and usually the results are slow...so i'm impressed you're working out so hard and that's great you're feeling good about your body! congrats!