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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Craft Time

I want to have a craft night after Thanksgiving and after finals. My mom and I bought a bunch of random tiles when I was in HS. We always said we were going to use them for crafts but never did. For Christmas I want to make a few mosiacs for Christmas presents. I was thinking I would try and get some ladies to participate with me. We could all chip in for supplies and make a fun night out of it. Our hubby's, boyfriends, and 'lovers' could play video games while we craft. Who would want to participate? If your really serious about this we can figure out how much we would all need to pitch in. It would be a cheap project and it would look amazing when we were done.

Some things we could tile:

table tops
yard steps
wood plaque (I want to make one for a head board, may take more than one evening)
night stands

If you want visuals of these things let me know. I could find some examples. Let me know! I'll be doing this with or without a posy but it would be fun to have you there! :)

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