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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look What I Bought!

Okay so it doesn't look like that yet but it will. I bought two Miss Kim Lilac's today at the local Home Depot.

So this is what they really look like:

They may be small now but they have potential. I had a pep talk with them and we have big plans. They said they would love to live with us and be part of our amazing yard if I promise to water them regularly, feed them fertilizer, and promise to bring in their lovely sprigs into the house to share. Of course I agreed and we are excited about our future together.

While we were in St. George I went to my mom's Home Depot that she manages and bought some awesome Mona Lisa's and Marie Bracey Camellia plants.

This is what the Camellia will look like when it blooms:

Gorgeous right!?!?!?

I will be planting them here under the window as soon as we clean up all the rocks. I'm not sure what the previous owner was trying to do. Yes, that is a water feature of some kind. I'm not sure if it works but if it does that will be kinda fun to have!!!


Stephanie said...

Those will be beautiful! So, does talking to your plants really work?

CaSsAnDuH said...

Totally works! They already grew a foot ;)