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Lima Bean

Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Do List: Projects

1- Buy fabric for my bedskirt
2- Sew my bedskirt
3- Kill all the nasty stuff growing in my rocks that I hate
4- Pray for warmth so I can plant pretty stuff in my rocks since they will be naked soon
5- Clean the BBQ and buy a cover for it
6- Buy a new kitchen sink faucet
7- Put my new doorknob on the kitchen pantry door
8- Sew throw pillows to match my bedskirt
9- Buy another shoe rack from IKEA
10- Buy gray paint and paint the house
11- Prime the wall with the chalk board painted directly on it
12- Paint the orange guest bedroom
13- Plant my garden
14- Paint all the doors leading outside black
15- Install a peep hole in my front door
16- Sand down and varnish the night stands
17- Create my picture wall

Wow! Big enough list eh?


Melissa said...

Wow! Your list is as big as mine. So much to do. Good luck.

CaSsAnDuH said...

My List makes me want to cry.