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Lima Bean

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Emotional pain can be much worse than physical pain and can even create physical pain due to the emotional trauma. No, I am not traumatized by my new job but I do feel less 'fulfilled'. I absolutely love working at WJCC. It is very rewarding and I have learned so much. Maybe I am so attached because it was my first nursing job or maybe I am just impossibly addicted to the innocent love and trust these beautiful people have for me every day that I am there. I was there 5 days a week but due to my new full-time job I cut back to only 2 days. It breaks my heart. I miss my residents when I am away from them. Why did I decide to leave? WJCC is my first job and is not a skilled facility. Being a Registered Nurse I I cannot fulfill the skills that I worked so hard to become at this current facility. Moving up to a skilled facility not only allows me to regain my RN skills but it also generated more $$. I worked really hard to be where I am today and I deserve the compensation for my hard work and dedication to my career. I'm not saying that WJCC isn't compensating well but moving up from a Intermediate facility to a Skilled facility makes a big difference in the financial department.

To make a long story short I really do love my old job and I really and truly ache for them the longer I am away from them. No one can care for them as much as I can (at least that is how I feel).

Have you ever walked away from something you love? Have you ever chose growth over the safety?


Melissa said...

I completely agree. I miss working at the salon that I use to work at, but I don't miss the boss. I wish that I could say that I was making more money, but I needed to move on to better places.

Brit and Hawk said...

I loved your post. I feel that way about the CNA job that I had way back when. Maybe because it was my first "real" job but I loved working there. I left when I got into nursing school and no job has been the same. At the same time I am glad to be where I am, every once in a while I meet someone who works there now and I wonder if I would love it as much if I where to go back after having the experiences that I've had. I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes the most memorable and character building jobs are also a stepping stone to creating the type of person that you are. But, to stay in them forever will ultimately yield no personal growth.