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Lima Bean

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I won a haircut from ALittleGreat.com! I never win anything. I still can't believe it. What should I do to my hair? Suggestions please!


The Yorgason's said...

You should do a sweet Aline! Super short and tons of layers. Ok so that is what a want to do.

CaSsAnDuH said...

Yikes I could never go that short. It would be way too hard for me to manage at work. My hair is mid back now and I kinda like the length but I need a change. . . . Not sure what to do at all. :(

Emily said...

HAHAH YOU HAVE NO IDEA MY DOG GOT A HAIRCUT LIKE THAT BEFORE WE LEFT. It makes me laugh so hard. Lol. Cass just get some super cute choppy layers, going several inches shorter so they are dramatic. Keep the length! It always happens when you cut your hair short you always regret it ;)