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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pour Salt In My Wounds

Don't forget to really rub it in good so it's at it's ultimate level of burn. Seriously....

First our community is terrorized by a out of control fire. Houses have burnt down and 5000 people were evacuated. We watched the mountain burn from our driveway. I think I had my first panic attack Sunday night from the insane stress. 

Second I had my 5th migraine in less than two weeks. Yeah 5! Miserable! Plus I can't get an appointment today to get fixed. Annoying!

Third we just dropped Squid off at the vet. He is getting neutered and declawed. It's terrible. He started hissing the second we walked in the doors. I left him with a blanket that smells like us and he has Mo the Mouse (his cat nip toy).

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Tonic said...

Oh honey, so sorry. I know how you feel. You read my post, obviously. I didn't tell the story of how later that day I was driving and pulled in front of a truck that ALMOST hit me, because Indie was crying.. my neighbor saw, so i was totally embarassased and to pour salt in the wound, later when he was outside he is all.. "so, you were about to eat someone's bumper, huh?"

Anyway.. sorry things are hard and stressful. Such is life, right.

I got the headbands on Etsy, the seller is ZUZII. They are cheap and the shipping is only 1.50. Quite a deal.