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Lima Bean

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday With Squid: Squid Is Home!!!!

He is home and doing well. I had no idea they kept the testicles and just tied them in a knot. So he has shaved testicles, he's a little embarrassed so don't stare. His paws, as you can see, are swollen and bloody. He has slept since he got home. He takes his pain medication well without any issues. 

So at the vet after we dropped him off he had to be sedated. He ripped a girl to shreds when she tried to comfort him prior to the surgery. After the surgery when he was groggy he would growl at the vet techs when they walked by. He took his bandages off himself and wouldn't let anyone touch him. I get there this morning and he is hissing and growling. They ask me to walk back there to get him so they don't have to touch him and the second he see's me he starts purring and rubbing against the cage. He meowed his head off till I picked him up and then tucked his head under my chin and wouldn't move. The Vet and the Vet Techs couldn't believe that he was the same cat they had been dealing with all day. 

He loves his mommy. :)

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