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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Recap

Our 2010 Update:

Bought and moved into our house January 1st. We love it! It is a lot of hard work but it is our piece of heaven.
*(this is the MLS picture. We have done a ton of work with the yard)

We adopted a crazy kitten/cat named Squid. He is a handful and so much fun. He likes to sleep on my neck and he hates when I give Steven attention over him. He is a super protective fur ball.
(He was a cute little kitten)

(We call this his awkward teenage stage)

We have another niece! Her name is Mae and looks like a perfect mix of Veronica and Josh. She is always happy and has a super bubbly personality. Her big sis Savannah loves her to pieces too!

We went to Zions this summer with the Cleverly clan. It was so fun! We saw some huge bugs and beautiful waterfalls.

We also went on an adventure to Yellowstone! It was a blast! We started at St. Anthony Idaho and then went through Yellowstone all the way and then took a l5 hour drive the rest of the way home through Jackson and some pretty cute no-name towns.

We also went to Vegas! We love the Vegas!

Oh....and I almost forgot....Our house almost burnt down due to the 'awesome' Machine Gun Fire. . . . Yeah....really awesome.... :(

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