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Lima Bean

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Attention mommy friends! I need help picking out a Stroller. I want something light weight, totally cute, comfy for baby, and can hold my 'bag lady' crap. Other than that I have no idea what else to look for. Please ladies, help!!! Emily you said you were my go-to mom! HELP!


Senior Family said...

I really like my double baby city micro :) http://www.joggingstroller.com/Baby-Jogger-City-Mini-Single.pro?gclid=COzb0eHT26YCFQwCbAodFxXYzw

it fits thru doorways , easy to fold ,fits in the neon trunk :0) it is our fave ! we got a great deal on diapers.com (they ship free too) the singles look awesome too !

Melissa said...

I would recommend going with a jogging stroller. I wish that I had one and will be buying a double jogging stroller.

cAsSy said...

What is the pro's to having a jogger over a traditional stroller? We need a car seat as well. We have one that will work from my Sister In Law but we want two so that way we don't have to move everything around all the time. So why not get a stroller with a car seat?

A jogger is cute but is it really functional? And they are more $$. I'm just not sure what I see the benefits of it being. Especially since I jog indoors on a treadmill....?

Give me your feelers on it please. I'm just so confused on all of this.