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Monday, January 31, 2011

My First Gift

A guy at work gave me a $15 gift card to Baby's R Us. He's so sweet. He is one of my top 5 CNA's at work. He works hard, is sweet to his patients, he tells me things I need to know (pt having a fever, low saturation, in pain....)(some CNA's do not do this). 

He also LOVES babies. If he could settle down he would have a baby ASAP. He is so sweet! He wants babies so much that I feel bad answering his questions about how excited my hubby is and how Steven has already picked names and 'if it's a boy he's getting a dirt bike at his first birthday' or 'if it's a girl she is getting a pink four wheeler at her first birthday'. 

Yeah, my husband is the best! So cute! 

Well anyway, I was blown away by my coworkers kindness and excitement. It is refreshing when you meet people that are genuinely happy for you and are genuinely nice people down to their core.

Besides your spouse when was the last time you were blown away by the kindness of someone?

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Senior Family said...

I am blown away by the love our ward has for us , we have a family in them and are gonna miss them so much when we move ! How awesome of your co-worker ! I am super excited for ya and hope to see you when we move !