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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Realization: Making Room In the Kitchen for Baby

I just realized I need to make room in one of my cupboard for baby stuff! AHHHHH! I finally have my kitchen flowing the way I like it and now I have to change it. Dang! So I guess I will remove my cute glasses and unecessary (never used china) dishes to the basement in boxes. It shouldn't bother me because we have never used the stuff but I do like seeing it when I open my cupboard. It's cute. I'll get rid of my cocoa mugs too. I only need two. One for me and one for Steven so that will free some mega room. 

I am totally stressing over this. Weird right? 

So baby cups/bottles go with grown up cups and baby dishes will go with grown up dishes? Or does the baby stuff need it's own section and stick all baby stuff together?

How do you ladies do it? Pictures would be appreciated! I would love some visual aides to help me! Post a blog about it or email me. If you are willing to share how you organize I will give you my email. Please help!


Senior Family said...

If you breastfeed for the 6 months or so - you do not have to make room ;) - unless you are gonna pump part of the time :) I do not have a super good area set up LOL , I just have a spot for sippy cups and bowls that they use . (the kids)

cAsSy said...

I am going to breast feed but I want to organize now. I don't want to wait till the end. Procrastination is not an option. If I do it now then It is done and over with.

Melissa said...

I had everything with adult stuff. I made sure that bottles where easy to get to. I nursed till he was 6 months. But I had to use bottles for a time. That is the biggest thing. You need to have them right next to the sink!

Plus you need to check out my craft blog on Friday. I have started my sewing. But after Friday and we make sure that it really is a little girl!

Melissa said...

Do you have any ideas for the baby's room?

cAsSy said...

No baby room ideas. It is painted a white-ish gray. I think I am going to paint the crib black or stain it. I'll decide when we are done sanding it.

Since we don't know what it is going to be I'm not sure what I want the baby room as. I really haven't put much thought into it.

I'm a weird person-what expecting mom doesn't fixate on the baby room?