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Lima Bean

Friday, February 25, 2011


Not the kind of hunting you are thinking. This is of the retail sort. Nothing against hunting-I enjoy going with my hubby in the fall but this is my kind of hunting. I am a hunting machine when I get a great idea for the house. So here are some of my ideas. 

I am hunting for these. I have some great ideas for some old windows and frames. Both inside my casa and out. 

Something else I am so wishing I could change...I really hate vinyl fences. We have vinyl. Not by choice but we are stuck with it. I wish we could do a wood fence. I love how the wood ages over time. I love that you can nail things to the fence. I love how sturdy wood is. 

Vinyl cracks and breaks all the time. It freezes in the winter and makes big gashes when it is hit. 

So next time....if there is a next time, we will have a wood fence. Vinyl has zero personality. 

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Ali said...

I have a window like the top one and love it!!