What Are We Having??

Lima Bean

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear Mommy Friends,

I have had and increase in migraines while being pregnant. Mostly the increase has been all during the second trimester. I can't even function.

Did you have these same problems? Do you know what to do with them?


Melissa said...

If you watch at Target dollar spot they have a little ice packs that are lightening McQueen or different characters. But they are the gel kind. I bought 6 when they have them. They aren't always there. But they are perfect size for when you get a migraine to put them on you forehead wrapped in a towel.

Or my mom made these rice bags. Now they have to be a certain weight (at least for us they do) or they don't feel like they don't work as well. Too heavy or too light. You just put them over you eyes. Or where ever the pressure is. I will ask my mom how much they weight is. I think that it is 3 cups. But I am not sure.

I hope that helps.

cAsSy said...

I'll have to try that. My doc told me to keep a journal of my headaches. What triggers them, the kind of pain they are and what helps them to decrease in severity. I have a rice pack that I will try.

I can take Excedrin Migraine but only until week 20. After that I am without a lot of stuff.

I felt this migraine coming on Friday and it's still lingering today. It's killing me!