What Are We Having??

Lima Bean

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unisex Colors

These are some colors I am considering for our little surprise baby.



Melissa said...

I love the grey color! I don't suggest a bight color for the walls. We did it for Harrison and I never felt like it was a calming room. Which when you are so sleep deprived it is nice to have calm.

But the pops of color would be awesome!

cAsSy said...

These would be accents only. I am not painting the room again. I hate when you use a bold color for babies. They grow out of it too fast. So I chose a white/gray color that will look good with any accent.

Senior Family said...

i love the teal :) , are you not finding out what you are having ?

cAsSy said...

Nope. It is going to be a surprise. We won't know what it is till he/she comes out.