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Lima Bean

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Craft Time

My friend Stephanie and I are going to have a craft night in the near future with her 8 year old daughter Brooke. These are some crafts I want to try out.

Fun and retro eh?

I want mine to be Moss Green

With a broken Teracotta roof.

This is a garden stepping stone I want to try. I want ours to have our initials mosiac-ed in to add a personal flair.

Do you have any other craft ideas you want to share? They can be inside crafts or outside. I'm not picky!!!


Senior Family said...

i have no ideas right now .. but does your home depot do kid's workshops .. they always have awesome stuff and you can come home and cute it up!! also michaels has cute wooden frames that are $1 that you can decorate , ok that was an idea LOL

Cassanduh :) said...

Yep HD does that here. I'm going to try and get a couple aprons from my mom this weekend so when we do have time to do these crafts we will be sexy in HD orange!!!

My father-in-law makes picture frames when he gets bored so frames are plentiful here at the casa. It's hard to do crafts in the winter. Everything I want to attempt is and outdoor thing. I can't wait to make stepping stones though!!! It will be fun to put them in the garden this spring!!!

Jamie and Thayne Waters said...

I just went and got the stuff today to paint a bookshelf, tv stand, and my bed frame. I also bought some new knobs! I am feeling crafty too! Moving to a nice new place gets me in the mood to re-do everything!