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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St. George Trip Revisited

So I didn't take any pictures. I slacked. I guess I was having way too much fun. I did get a few pictures of Jack playing basketball.

We went to Mesquite and had a blast. This was the first trip that we didn't win. But guess what...? We still had tons of fun. Sunday on our way home Steven took me to my fave fast food place, Jack In The Box. He also took me shopping! Ahhhh what a good man.

p.s. We have a new house plant! His name is 'Wee Tree'. He is so cute and tree like. I'll show pictures of him soon and his new home. (Steven bought me a awesome pot and pot stand, pictures soon)

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Jamie and Thayne Waters said...

We have Jack in the Box here. I call it Crap in a box I HATE IT!!!