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Lima Bean

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trying on something new

Have you ever couple dated? If you go out with new couples with your spouse then you definitely have couple dated. Last night we ventured out on a couples date. It was with Steven's friend from high school Stacie and her hubs. It was the most fun we have had out with another couple in a long time. (D-bo and Tawnasty...YOU HAVE COMPETITION)
It was a blast. Steven got along with Brandon and Stacie and so did I. It is so hard to find a couple that we both enjoy hanging out with. A couple where both people are fun. Have you ever had a one person cool couple? That is when only one person is fun and the other is a total dud which in turn makes either you or your spouse a dud as well because you don't have someone to talk to. Need a better example? Say your hubby and the other hubby can hand really well but you and the other wife have NOTHING in common. When you go home and ask your spouse if you had a good time you say eh she was kinda lame...Well guess what they are saying in their car on the way home....? SAME THING! So then you get labeled THE LAME ONE. Couple dating is hard work. Thankfully we have a handful of really great friends we mingle well with. Stacie and Brandon....welcome to the club!

So here is what went down....I got my hair done! Stacie rocks! I love it. Then off to din din and then we hung out with cards and really awesome ice cream. YUM! We didn't get home till around 2. Who knew we could even stay out that late....

Have you had a terrible or fantastic couple date?


Senior Family said...

does taking your 2 kids out count as a couple date ??? No you say .. well then fine .. i have never had a couple date LOL !!!

Cassanduh :) said...

Couple dating can be exhausted. Especially, for instance, Steven and I do not have kids yet and a lot of our friends do. It is a major clash, but not always. It is a total gamble.