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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Mystery of My Shopping Trolly

Have you ever found yourself staring in someone’s cart as you pass them in the grocery store? Or do you try and sneak a peak while in the check out isle? Sometimes I see things in other carts and it reminds me of something I needed to get as well. Then there are times that I look into their cart and I have to fight back disgust because they bought pigs feet or cows tongue. They might be super high maintenance and I see that they have every cosmetic product under the sun. And then there are the ones that have condoms and other random objects. The condom shoppers are those using the arm cart thing. The funniest was when I saw condoms, whip cream, and a oil filter. At least he had his priorities straight right?

Well if you are curious and snoopy like me and have wanted to know what I buy when I grocery shop, today is your lucky day!!! I went to Smiths yesterday and this is what I bought….

Tortilla chips
California Poppy Seeds (to plant in a pot outside [hopefully soon])
Orbit Gum
Garbanzo Beans
Light Caesar Salad Dressing
Light Raspberry Salad Dressing (YUM!)

This was a little trip. Next time I go and stock up on everything I’ll give you guys some insight to what I buy. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what is in their cart. So I challenge you to post what you bought last time you went out. Even if it was gas and a Diet Coke.

Have fun! Leave me a message and let me know if you do this so I can come snoop in your cart! ☺

p.s. Have I mentioned I hate not having a garbage disposal?


Mrs. W said...

We got our dishwasher at www.compactappliance.com

although the one we got is no longer available at this website. you can also buy them on Amazon.com too. They are amazing!

Brit and Hawk said...

I am so the condom shopper. The other day I bought a pack at walmart along with some deodorant, O.J., and two shirts. I totally used the hand cart and all! On the another note, I had to do an experiment in my psychology class where we would do something out side of our cultures social norms and film it for our class. My group went to the grocery store and when someone turned there back you would "shop" out of their cart. The reaction that some people had was hilarious!

Forgotten J said...

I bought a 54 ounce plastic cup at chevron, filled it with Vanilla Coke, some dill pickle Spitz and then came home, opened up every other snack I could find and then watched Rambo 3. Life is good. I am getting fat.

Cassanduh :) said...

Oh dude! That made my nose hurt. You probably stunk it up. I'm sorry V!!!