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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4:365 --> Softball Games and Mosaic Crafts

Here is photo number 4. I really love doing this challenge. This is my friend Stephanie's daughter Megan. She is playing varsity softball and she is only a frosh (freshman). She covers third and is super fun to watch.

Today after the softball game Stephanie, Brittny, Brooke (Steph's youngest) and I made mosaic garden tiles. We broke tiles with a hammer and cemented them into place. I am waiting to take a picture till tomorrow. I wouldn't want to cheat and take picture #5 early. :) We have a lot of leftovers so we will be making more mosiacs soon.

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Brit and Hawk said...

This was seriously so much fun! It has been forever since I've done random crafts. Thanks for inviting me along!