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Lima Bean

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Limeaide gets me in the mood....

FOR SPRING!!! What kind of a blog do you think this is? Geeze! Gutter head!

What is your fave drink? Do you have one that you like to make special just for yourself?

What gets you in the mood for Spring?


Erin said...

I like putting the strawberry banana mango Crystal Light into a water bottle and freeze it. It makes a delicious slushy. YUMMO! I always start my spring off by deep cleaning everything, putting away my winter clothes, and going shopping!!

Jamie and Thayne Waters said...

Hmmm... What gets me in the mood for spring?? I love buying dresses in spring. I love my birdfeeders because my cats make funny noises when they see the birds on it. I actually enjoy spring cleaning and my favorite drink recently is sunny delight yum-o!

Brit and Hawk said...

I love fruit smoothies. Last summer I lived off of them and now I can't imagine warm weather without them!

Cassanduh :) said...

Mmmmmm I am so in the mood! YUM!!!

Jamie I am on the hunt for a cute bird house! We have birds in our yard constantly so I thought it would be fun to get one and some bird seed.

Brit will you make me a smoothie?