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Lima Bean

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is my favorite book. I know I said that about Peter Pan but can't a girl have a few favorites? Ladies, this is so worth the trip to the library if you have not already read it. I love Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. If you want to cheat and watch the movie make sure it is the A&E version. The BBC one is okay but not as great of a film. The new version sucks really bad so don't waste your time with it.

I wish I could have lived in this time. Proper women, gentlemen in suits, and old fashion romance.

Here is a trailer for the movie.

And here is a link of where you can buy it.


Erin said...

Now see I am such a fan of the new version. There are a few parts that are cheesy but I can't get enough of it. Me and my roommates used to have "Triple P Sundays." We would watch Pride and Prejudice in our pajamas. I really want to read the book though. That is on my list of many things to read once we graduate :)

Cassanduh :) said...

Have you seen the A&E version? If not come over chicka! The newer one is good too and I bet I would have liked it more had it been the first version I had ever seen. You know what I mean? It's not bad but for some reason It doesn't hold my attention like the older one. I guess I am just stubborn. LOL