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Lima Bean

Friday, March 13, 2009


My day went like this:
0800- Breakfast with Stevie in his office
0900- Shopping at Target
1000- Played with the most gorgeous 1.5 year old babe
1130- IKEA! With Stacie and her cute rug-rats
130- Lunch with Stevie in his office
230- Walmart, Down East Outfitters, Tj Max, and Kohls
500- Din Din with Stacie, B-man and their clan (kids, dog, Lola)
700- Played with the cutest toe head ever!
800- Met up with the Ross-Morins and played PIT
945- Picking up Caleb (nephew) to have a sleepover.

Good day followed by a rad sleepover with these too rad dudes-->

And tomorrow morning I will be cruising the dunes on my four wheeler!

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