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Lima Bean

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome Sign

I have been having too much fun with my crafting lately. I had my sister-in-law make me a few signs for the front door on her Cricut. I think I might save up and get one. I could have a lot of fun with some girlfriends If I had one. We could have a crazy craft night and make some pretty awesome stuff.

This is how my craft started:

Yellow and white polka dot wrapping paper, purple wrapping paper, a picture frame and a few awesome vinyl sayings.

This is how it came out:

Cute huh? I can't wait to get the others made. Next I'll put together Summer. I have some fun plans for that one. I can't wait!!! I'll keep you posted.

Do you think I could sell these?
Maybe at the Farmers Market? Online? Who knows....Would you buy one? How much do you think it reasonable?
Would you come over and craft with me if I invited you and had my own Cricut?


mormonmommyblogs said...

Your email is not active. You go into your profile and check "show my email address". That way when you comment, it goes into my email box with your email attached so that I can then email you back. It's rather nice. And easy.


Senior Family said...

ok so yea if i lived close by and you had a cricut i would come over ;) .. so cute !!

sAsSy CaSsY said...

I hope I have one this winter when you come and visit. We could make Christmas signs or one for New Years!

The Yorgason said...

I love cricuts! The one I bought doesn't even work! GRRR!! But they are worth the money! If I lived closer I would love to come over and craft. Also I think that you could sell them. What I would do is calculate how much it takes to make them, then add 5-9 dollars.