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Lima Bean

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Mr. Rad went to Gunnies and they were having a killer deal on AR 15's (very hard to come buy since our BFF Obama became Pres). So he buys it because we have been hunting for one for a few months now. We decide to go to Richfield (where the whole fam gathered for Memorial Day) totally last minute so we could go shoot and see the fam. It was our niece's birthday as well so we went to celebrate with her as well. To make a long story short we shot lots of guns, hung out with our 2 of our nephews and the birthday girl (who I let drive my car and taught her how to back into a parking space!). We had a blast!!!

This is a video of Bubba (blake) popping the top off a water bottle. We did this for over an hour. It was a blast.


Tonic said...

Wow that is pretty bad a.

sAsSy CaSsY said...

It was fun. Annabella is my sanctuary.