What Are We Having??

Lima Bean

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Have you ever gone on a cruise? How do you plan one? We tried looking at Orbitz because it seemed cheaper. How do you pick what room you want? How do you know anything is a good deal? If you have pointers on how to plan a cruise and then how to maximize it's potential once you are there please let me know. I need all the tips and tricks I can get.



Stephanie said...

I don't really know that much, but what I do know is get a cheap room cause you won't spend very much time in it at all.

CaSsAnDuH said...

That is what I have heard. My sister-in-law said to get a balcony room if it is a 7 day cruise but if it is a 4 day then you don't need to bother with it because all the traveling is done at night unlike the 7 day where you have to travel for 2 days solid and it's nice to get your own space. . . .