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Lima Bean

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She is Almost Ready

My no-name kitty is almost ready. It feels like it is taking forever! She was born March 23rd so she is still really little. She can finally hop into the litter box on her own. I guess it takes a couple attempts at it and even sometimes a running start but she is litter trained! She is eating soft kitten food right now too! When I get her I will be mixing wet kitten food with the hard kitten food and then WHAM! She'll be ready! I can't wait to get her. I was totally crushed when Princess died. I never recovered from it and I doubt I ever will. I think I am still stuck in the denial stage. I still expect her to be at my parents house waiting for me, staring out the front door glaring at me for being gone so long but you could see excitement in her eyes because I was finally home to see her. So even though I have NO one excited for me to get my kitty and no one in the family will ever come over anymore I will finally (hopefully) have that void in my heart filled my new kitty.

Wish me luck!

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