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Lima Bean

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Few Things That Make Me Say ::HOLY CRAP::

  1. The woman at Walmart in the cut off shorts and mullet. 
  2. A recipe for Meatloaf that called for crushed Cheez-It's.
  3. My cat when he jumps from the floor to the top of the Fridge. 
  4. The way some 13 year olds dress. 
  5. The pile of laundry in my bedroom, hallway, laundry basket and laundry room floor. 
  6. The amount of junk mail in my mailbox. 
  7. The price of 'cheap' furniture. 
  8. The speediness in which some women have kids. I don't think some women wait that recovery 6 weeks to have the humpity humpity again. 
  9. The drunk driving skills of my neighbor. 
  10. The amount of carbs some people can eat and never get fat
What makes you say Holy Crap?


Kara said...

I completely agree with items 4,5,6,7,8, and 10 (my friend Bretton disgusts me for that very reason...grr...)...There's no way some of the women around here are waiting even 2 weeks to do the dirty. lol. Also, something that makes me go holy crap, watching my patient jump from any object higher than 6 feet to the floor...which happens regularly.

CaSsAnDuH said...

Seriously! My Holy Crap list could go on and on but I figured I was bitchy enough.

People full on amaze me at times.