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Lima Bean

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Happy Warm Weather To All!!!

So as most of you know I started my last semester yesterday. Sheesh, I am exhausted already. I have already put in numerous homework hours and a 830-5 class hours. Everyday I have something due, something to read, somewhere to go, a husband to feed and a house to clean. My life is literally insane right now. I quit the 365 day challenge. I just justify taking away from homework or husband time to go take a few silly pictures. I will do it again someday but right now I have no time, sorry. Well I just got home and I have leftovers in the microwave screaming at me. You could say this is my breakfast because it is the first thing I will eat today. Sad isn't it...?

Enjoy the weather, go sit with some flowers and have an amazing day!!

P.S. don't forget to vote on the recipes!! I'll post the winner soon!

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