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Lima Bean

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday School

Today was our first time teaching Sunday School. Well it was our first time teaching ever. We have the 12-15 year old boys and girls except there are no girls. We have 10 boys total in class. It was kinda fun. I hope we haven't already corrupted them. Lets hope we don't screw them up permanently.

Do you have any good ideas for next week?


Erin said...

My sister and brother-in-law taught the older Sunday school class. They brought movies every week. Oh and they weren't church movies. They watched Tommy Boy, Dumb and Dumber, etc. Needless to say they got released after about 2 months. Haha! I'm sure you'll do just fine :)

Pieces of Us said...

Yikes. Sunday School scares the H out of me. Haha. I teach the 7-8 year old primary kids and that gives me anxiety bad enough. haha. I did find a website www.sugardoodle.net (there's a link to it on my blog) that has helped me a lot with different things. Take a look at it and see if it will help you guys. Good luck!

Shauna said...

10 boys in a Sunday School class is quite the leap from the Nursery!! But I know you two will be awesome teachers! Ideas?! Teach the lesson from the manual??!! That always works! :o) That sugardoodle website does have really good ideas to supplement the Primary lessons--I've never looked for Sunday School, but I'm sure there are ideas for SS too! Good luck!!

sAsSy CaSsY said...

I feel bad because Steven is going to get stuck doing most of the teaching because I will be at the hospital... Oh well he is cool and will be great.