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Lima Bean

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Currently Reading:

An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison

I am reading this for school but if it turns out any good (which I am crossing my fingers it does) I will let you know. I tend to like books like this. Crazy people entertain and interest me so I have read lots of books like this in the past.

I will keep you posted with how it is turning out.

What books have you read lately? Anything good? Suggestions?


Erin said...

Not a lot of time for reading during school. But for sure read any Jodi Picoult book. Especially Handle With Care and My Sister's Keeper. Absolute faves!

Jamie and Thayne Waters said...

I am reading Crime and Punishment currently. It is pretty good so far. Sometimes I hate books from the start but I actually loved the beginning of this one. You have to like classics though.

sAsSy CaSsY said...

I will add those to my list of books I will read when I am done with school. I can't wait to curl up with a good book someday. Guilt free and without homework, midterms, or finals staring me in the face.

Brit and Hawk said...

Amen sista! Oh btw Mandi (my sis) is a bookoholic (it runs in the family) she created an open blog where she list tonz and tonz of different books. people can add comments and see what others thought about what they read. It's like a internet book club. copy past http://bodyofbooks.blogspot.com/

sAsSy CaSsY said...

Brit: I am soooooo checking it out. I have a huge list of books I want to read after school. I should make a post about it someday...If we have time this semester. Yikes!

Emily said...

I really liked this book.