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Lima Bean

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday - Family Outing

My parents are in town from St. George today. We are going shopping and out to dinner. Mr. Radical has work and school so we are going to go say hi to him at work today. We are going to REI, Canyon Sports, the mall and wherever else. It should be fun to see them. I hope my little brother doesn't show off today he is so much cuter when he isn't showing off.


Chelsea Lee said...

Hey Cassy!! Happy Birthday!
How are things? I was thrilled to hear that you like eating the foods that the diet allows. It's not so bad huh? How much have you lost now? You should call me. I'm glad it's working for you. Jer and I are so happy it worked so well for us. We feel so good now. Anyways I'll talk to you soon.

sAsSy CaSsY said...

I had so much fun. We went to Sweet Tomatoes but they said you worked the early shift. I was bummed out. The diet is going really well. I have lost 15 pounds and I feel awesome. People ask me all the time if I have lost weight and It makes me feel so good when people notice. I still have a lot to go but I'll get there. I can't wait to shop again. My clothes are hanging off of me now.