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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am so SPOILED!

Like I said before my parents came into town. My mom had meetings all day so my Dad and Jack took me shopping. . . ALL DAY! It was so fun. I never new my Dad had such great taste. He picked everything out I just put the last okay on it (of course). He has me all decked out to ride, run, and swim...Hmmm maybe he wants me to keep working out and get back into the stuff I used to love...UM YEAH! How awesome and supportive is that!?!? I think he is amazing for doing this. I cried on the way home with Steven because It meant so much to me that he did this for me. Take a look at the great things he got me. I swear he picked it out!

This is my new suit and goggles. Jack wanted to get me goggles so those pink beauties are from him. He wanted me to get blue but I HAD to insist on the pink. (the blue was in the kids goggle section or I would have got them because HE picked them out...Jack rocks)

The pants are capris so they will be perfect for running and biking. Not only are they cute but very functional. They go from wet to dry in no time at all. They breath well but keep you warm in the winter when you go out. Dad thought the socks were cute. How could I say no...? They were really cute.

What looks best with a yellow and gray yoga top? A yellow sports bra duh!!! The jacket matches the pants and it is made of the same stuff. Awesome eh?

And this is my Jack Jack (little brother). He LOVED the new reclining couches. He got comfy immediately and then asked for chips and Cartoon Netwook. He was ready for the long haul.


Brit and Hawk said...

now that you have all those stylish gym clothes you can be my workout buddy :)

sAsSy CaSsY said...

Way cute eh? I can't wait to go swim laps again. It will be so nice.