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Lima Bean

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree

When I was growing up our family would load up and drive (what felt like forever but I'm sure it was less than a hour drive) to a Ma and Pa tree farm. We would run around for hours until we found the perfect tree. Dad would cut it down and tie it on top of the 'Yellow Submarine' <--a yellow Volvo station wagon.

I loved the smell of the fresh tree. It would make the whole house smell like pine. Now I have a pine scented candle to create that illusion. It is not the same.

I remember the cats would drink the water out of the water pan/tree kickstand.

Now we have a fake pre-lit tree. I have sold out for ease of work.

Hopefully when we have kids we will chop a tree down for them. At least a small tree so they can experience the awesomeness of picking out a tree.

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