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Lima Bean

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nativity::The Start of My Collections

I have wanted a nativity for a while. I never buy one because they are so expensive but last night my Mother-In-Law gave me a cute nativity that she made herself. Now that I have a cute nativity I kinda want to collect nativities. Some people collect snowmen and other santa's. I like to collect Willow Tree angel ornaments but I may have found another thing to collect!!! We'll see eh???

I love all things Christmas!


Melissa said...

My mom collects nativities too. I have started. I want the willow tree nativity! I think that is what I am getting for Christmas!

CaSsAnDuH said...

I would love the Willow Tree nativity. I'm going to start collecting pieces of it starting this year. I think I'll get the wise men and just keep going. I'll post a picture of my Christmas tree. I try to get all the angel ornaments. I love them.

My tree if very very very 'log cabin in the woods old country'. That is not my all year style but I think a Christmas tree should be cozy. Angels and rusty stars mean cozy to me.

Ali said...

Im making one that im pretty excited about. I found a cute nativity set and I am going to make a shadow box to hang it up on the wall. I hope it works out like it is in my head!