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Monday, December 6, 2010

Temple Square

First off I just want to say congrats to Melissa! I know how much she wanted this baby!! I hope your 9 months are amazing and exciting!

So last night we went to Temple Square with my Brother and his cute little estrogen filled family. Sorry Josh! I really hope the next one is a boy for your sake!!! ;)

If you are around the SLC area you know that we were in a giant cloud. The fog was so bad we couldn't even see our neighbors out the back door. The fog made for a beautiful night at Temple Square with the lights and temple. Our camera died after only one picture so here are the only two pictures I have of the night.

I am so bummed I didn't get any pictures of Savy or Mae Mae. The girls were so cute! Mae was bundled up in blankies and Savy was in her 'rainbow bright' jam jams.

So as I said here are the only two pictures I have. . . . Poor quality...yes...but it was done with my iPhone.

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Melissa said...

Thank you so much! It has been an emotional roller coaster. I am so excited and you are so sweet!