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Lima Bean

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Lima Bean,

Your heart was beating perfectly again! 158 beats per minute. Have I mentioned that we love you? We get to see you in 4 weeks! Actually see you! Okay so not in person but at least we get to see you on the computer screen. We don't want to know if you are a girl or a boy. We figure you are perfect no matter what you are. In our eyes you can do no wrong.

Daddy laughs hysterically when you kick my belly button. I find it extremely uncomfortable but I do love that you are giving your daddy such a good laugh. He loves you too. He is so excited to see you. He is going to be a great daddy. He is going to teach you lots of cool stuff. Did you know he can flip a pen in his fingers? A skill I have yet to conquer. Did you know that I hope you get your daddy's handsome eyes. They are honest and they tell stories. Words are pointless when he is around. His eyes give him away.

Your dad likes to tease me on how big you are getting. You are the size of a sweet potato. FYI sweet potato's are delish! So, I was wearing your dads t-shirt last night and he was asking me to please not stretch it out! I totally blame you for the expanding gut, just saying. I really do love every inch of my belly because you are in it.

I think I am going to miss you being inside my belly. I love you. Squid is excited to meet  you too. He lays on my belly every chance he gets. I really do think he knows you are in there.

All three of us love you! We can't wait to meet you! Stay safe in there please.

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