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Lima Bean

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Happy Moment

Everyone should have at least one happy moment a day. A moment when they are most themselves with their fave activity, music in the ipod, or just your happy thoughts. My happy moment today was out in my yard. I put Squid in his play pen and planted 24 beautiful pansies around the budding bulbs in my flower beds. Normally I would drown out the sounds of life with The Ataris, Taking Back Sunday, or Lilly Allen (yes my top 3 at the moment-don't judge), but today I listened to Squid meow at blowing leaves and the wind. It was amazing. It was my moment. I was in the dirt making my life a little more beautiful with 1.5 have my fave people in attendance and one on my mind. I had Squid and my baby safely tucked inside of me enjoying the weather and awesomeness of the day. On my mind I was thinking about my amazing husband. The one who has sacrificed so much for the things we have. The only one that could give me my beautiful family. He said yes (reluctantly) to adding Squid to our twosome and he has given both of us #4. Our lima bean! 

So this was my happy moment. I was lost in beautification, nature, Squid, baby, and Steven. 

When was the last time you had a happy moment?


Senior Family said...

love this post ! I have lots of happy moments with my kids - Miss Hannah is very lovey and loves to give kisses , so everytime she gives me a kiss - I melt .. she has changed me as a Mom that is for sure - Boys are awesome but Girls are just different ! I am lucky to be able to have my 2 boys and my sweet baby girl!

cAsSy said...

I am so excited to be a mom. There was a time when I thought we didn't need kids. That our lives were perfect the way it was. But then I would see my hubby with our nieces and nephews and my heart would melt. It was so weird. We went from not needing kids in our lives to us trying for a little one. It was perfect timing. We wanted this. It's weird how time changes your mind. Once life settled down and we were done with school we started talking about a family.

Saying I never wanted kids sounds cold but it was because our lives were perfect together but when we started trying it was like our lives became even more perfect and before we knew it the stick read pregnant! It's fantastic. I can't wait to be a mom and Steven is SOOOOO excited!