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Lima Bean

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pretty Pregnancy

I want some cute pregnancy picts. I have a killer teal wall and an awesome avocado green kitchen we could use as backgrounds. What did you ladies have done? Any suggestions for some at home picts? If the snow would quit our yard would be great too. I think the rock retaining wall would be nice as a background.

My neighbor said she would do some but she is thinking later when I'm huge. I still have family photos we are having done but the awesome Audrey this spring so I can get some then too. I'm just a little anxious to get some done now so I can have them around the casa.

How do you pose while preggers too? Nothing looks flattering. The wrong angle makes me look fat not preg.


Emily said...

yeeeaaap. fat not preg. don't you love that. try for the direct side view...not 3/4. stick your butt out a little so your tummy goes out ;) If you do it against the sun (sun is behind the subject, not the photographer), you can get a silhouette which i think is really cool. for early preg pics wear a tight fitting shirt and just put your hands on your belly like you are preg. normal people don't touch their tummies...hahha. you'll look pregnant :) have fun! i'd love to see them.

cAsSy said...

I will use your pointers! I am going to try and get some pictures this weekend with the hubs.